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ASTRONAUTS NATHAN MILLER and MICHAEL FORREST volunteered for the 13 year long mission to explore the whales of Europa.  
Their spacecraft, LIFE ONE, built by WALTER MOFFITT’S MOFFIT INDUSTRIES, departed Earth orbit on July 18, 2017.  
They began a 6 year period of hibernation on September 27, 2017.

• The First Leg of their journey will take them 3 years as their spacecraft slingshots past Venus.
The Second Leg of their journey takes another 2 years before the orbital ellipse of Earth swings past their trajectory, allowing for a second slingshot around our home planet, to gain even more speed.
The Third Leg of their journey takes them to their landing place on the CLARKE ICE SHELF.  At 1.23 km, it is the thinnest ice on the surface of Europa.
Once situated on the surface of Jupiter’s moon, the astronauts will begin thermal ice drilling, to last nearly 9 months.
Then, the fun begins.  Using their mini-submersible, the two men will take turns exploring the depths of Europa’s oceans, in hopes of seeing the giant whales and any other forms of life, first hand.
Finally, a mere 3 months later, Astronauts Miller and Forrest will return to space for their long journey home.
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